• Technical Details
  • Features & Advantage

Specification & Product Decription

  • High Performance LED Light Luminary.
  • High Performance 140lm/w LED used.
  • LED Life Cycle 50000 hours.
  • Advance Technology Microcontroller Based Driver used.
  • High Efficiency Mono Crystalline Solar Panel used.
  • Mono Crystalline Solar Panel Life is 25 years.
  • LifePO4 Battery used.
  • LifePO4 Battery Life Cycle is 2000 cycle.
  • LifePO4 Battery Life is more then 5 years<./li>
  • Aluminum Housing used for LED Light Luminary and MS Material used for solar panel structure and light arm and others.
  • SS Nut Bolt used
  • IP65 and IP67 Standard System.
  • Energy saving LED Light with dimming system facility.
  • 5 Meter GI Pole used.
  • Panel Structure, light arm, clamp etc.
  • CCTV camera with 24/7 recording and working facilityavailable.
  • Wi-Fi CCTV Camera connectivity available with AndroidMobile.

Features & Advantage of LED Light

  • Trends for solar powered LED street lighting
  • Regulating voltage out of a solar panel
  • Application overview
  • Maximum Peak Power Tracking
  • Reference design
  • Driving High-Brightness LED (HB-LED)
  • Selecting a design approach
  • Reference design
  • Higher Lumens LED used
  • Automatic on On/Off LED Light

Feature & Advantage of Solar Panel

  • The solar panel is one of the most important parts of a solar street light, as the solar panel can convert solar energy into electricity that the lamps can use.
  • Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized.
  • Solar street lights require much less maintenance compared to conventional street lights.
  • Since external wires are eliminated, risk of accidents are minimized.
  • Electricity produced from solar panels is non-pollutive.
  • Separate parts of a solar panel system can easily be transported.
  • Energy costs can be saved.

Feature & Advantage of CCTV Camera

  • CCTV Camera
  • Security Camera Systems.
  • Wireless Video Surveillance.
  • Software Features.
  • CCTV can also be used to help solve crimes. CCTV footage. Sometimes, footage from CCTV cameras of citizens can even be used for their purpose.
  • 24/7 hours working of camera.

Feature & Advantage of LifePO4 Battery:-

  • Lifepo4 offers a better battery solution.
  • LifePO4 battery have a life spame 10 times longer than that of traditional lead acid battery. This dramatically reduces the need for battery changes.
  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries operate with much lower resistance and consequently recharge at a faster rate.
  • LifePO4 lightweight batteries are lighter than lead acid battery, usually weighing about ¼ less.
  • LifePO4 provides twice the battery capacity in the same amount of space.
  • With operating range from -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit,LifePO4 batteries handle far wider variations in temperature.
  • LifePO4 battery technology include upper and lower voltage protection, dead short and reverse polarity protection, and a flame retardant chemistry.
  • LiPO4 battery are environmentally friendly and safe for use in any solar smart light system with cctv camera.
  • LiPO4 battery is small in size as compare to Lead Acid battery that’s why it could not be stolen.