About Sugam Energy

To be at the front line of electronics product design and manufacturing for our OEM partner, catering to a broad range of industry segments across LED lighting, solar application, solar power plant/roof top, BLDC, IOT, automation, energy, consumer electronics, energy saving, MS fabrication. Aluminiumdie casting and security. We strive to deliver leading edge system & solutions with highest quality. We are committed to success of our customers while ensuring care for the environment.

Welcome To Sugam Energy

We specialize in design and manufacturing services for AC-DC LED Lighting Drivers, Solar Street light LED drivers, Solar charge controller, DC-DC converters, SMPS,microcontroller based high end automation applications, Solar Lanterns, Solar Home Lighting System, Solar LED Street Light, Solar Integrated Street Light, Solar Semi Integrated Street Light, Solar Pump, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Power Packs, Solar Power Plants, Solar Blinkers, Solar Pedestal Fan, Solar Ceiling Fan, Solar Cooler, AC LED Street Light, AC LED Flood Light, LED Signals, BLDC Inverter Ceiling Fan, AC LED Garden Light, Lithium Battery, Solar Power Plant Structure, MS Fabrication,Aluminium Die Casting Housing, MS Housing Sugam Energy also offers services in consulting & turn-key projects for Indian and overseas customers on customized solutions.

Our Team

Sugam Energy has well qualified and a very dedicated team which is headed by Graduate Engineer having 15-years of industrial experience and assisted by Electronics Engineers.Sugam Energy has a very efficient and qualified management system capable of handling all kind of technical administrative matters.

Our Manufacturing Capacity

Sugam Energy has the capacity to produce 100000 Nos. Solar Lanterns, 50000 Nos Solar Home Lighting System, 50000 Nos.Solar LED Street Light,50000 Nos.Solar Integrated Street Light, 80000 Nos. Solar Semi Integrated Street Light, 10000 Nos.Solar Pump, 50000 Nos.200000 NosSolar Garden Lights, 100000 Nos.Solar Power Packs, 3MG Watt Solar Power Plants, 200000 NosSolar Blinkers,200000 Nos Solar Pedestal Fan, 50000 Nos Solar Ceiling Fan, 50000 NosSolar Cooler, 200000 NosAC LED Street Light,200000 Nos AC LED Flood Light,200000 Nos LED Signals, 50000 NosBLDC Inverter Ceiling Fan,200000 NosAC LED Garden Light and 100000 NosLithium Battery Pack.Sugam Energy has the financial and technical resources required to complete the task safely from design through to the final inspection and client approval.Sugam Energy recognizes and serves the needs of our customers better than our competitors.

Our Quality

We have full capability to support high volume production while ensuring the best quality practices & delivery plans. We can boast about the quality of products due to presence of strong inhouse R&D team.

Our Best Service

We have made the policy for our customers.

"Customer First" / "Quality First" - the thrust of all activities.
"People building" through training to reduce human error.
Standardization and simplification of specification.
”24/7” Available for service.
Continuous improvement throughout the entire organization.